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Nourish Your Soul With These 6 Tips

We always hear about how we should eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get around 9 hours of sleep. But how often are we told to feed our soul? To maintain our inner peace? Well, it’s just as important as the essentials listed above. Feeding your soul simply means doing what makes you happy. It means taking some “me” time to make sure you’re good mentally. So, to make things easier for us all, I have provided below a list of some easy ways to nourish your beautiful soul.

1. Read a Book

Nah, I’m not talking about the kind of book your professor assigns and you end up skimming through it because it seems like collegiate gibberish. Find a genre that you love and try sacrificing a few hours of TV to indulge in a book of your interest. It’s so easy to get lost in a book. When I get my hands on a good read, I don’t know what a TV is. I don’t doubt you’d feel the same way.

2. Get a Massage

Treat yo self! Head to Groupon and get a great deal on a variety of massages from spas in your area. You’ll literally feel the stress being massaged away.

3. Play Feel Good Music

Whether you like electronic or trap, we all know how it feels inside when a song we love comes on. I personally hope the feeling doesn’t fade from playing my favorites so much. When you’re by yourself or even with those close to you, blast your favorites and just vibe. Can’t sing? Who cares?! Belt out the song like you’re Whitney Houston. Can’t dance? This isn’t “Dancing with The Stars.” Move like nobody’s watching.

4. Be Selfless

Making ourselves feel good sometimes requires us to make others feel good. Get out and volunteer. Let your mom or dad relax while you do their usual upkeep of the house. Lend a listening ear to a friend or stranger. Hug someone. Give and expect absolutely nothing in return. Try to get as close to agape love as you can and witness just how much selfless love, loves you back.

5. See the World

As someone who loves traveling, I can attest to how gratifying it is to breath fresh foreign air. It can be as easy as driving to the beach. Get out of your bubble and take the time to soak in the beauty of an area you’re unfamiliar with. A friend of mine went to West Philadelphia and the photos he sent me reminded me of my days in Europe. Who knew the rush I get seeing European architecture was right under my nose in Philly?! I’m telling you, going places will give you the feels.

6. Forgive Someone

I once heard, “Un-forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” When someone hurts us, it’s so easy to hold on to that hurt and it’s so easy to let it control our everyday lives. We fail to realize that our hurt isn’t theirs. When you refuse to forgive someone, you are refusing to make peace within yourself. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean rebuilding a relationship. It simply means freeing yourself. No longer letting someone phase you is the best clap back you could ever give.

The list of ways are endless, but I hope these few help you. Share the ways you nourish your soul in the comments!


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