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Why Women Should Lead In Dating

In the dating world, we’re told that ladies must let the man pursue. I agree, buuutttt I also don’t feel like we should be made to sit around like flowers waiting to be picked. If we want something, we are beautiful, intelligent beings who can step up and say it. So here are the 3 reasons why I believe women should lead in dating, too.

1. The Waiting Game Isn’t a Woman’s Burden

If you want to call, pick up the phone and dial his number. Got him on your mind, let him know. Sis, just because you show you’re interested does not mean you’re less of a lady. Go with your gut.

2. You Don’t Lose Your Femininity by Taking Control

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants. It’s always nice to let him do the leading, but if you’ve been wanting to check out that new restaurant, say it! Plan out a date and you’ll be surprised at how much your sweetie appreciates it. Also, don’t be afraid to tell him what you don’t like. Love is a two way street. You deserve to call the shots too!

3. It’s 2020… Shoot Your Shot!

Instead of wondering “what if?” say and do what feels right to you. Slide in that DM. Tell your boo you love him. Are you guys in the “talking” stage? Ask him what he wants. You’ll never know until you ask those uncomfortable questions. If you get the answer you want, great! If not, girl just be happy you were able to gain clarity before you got too invested.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Take the lead in love and show your man or future man there’s nothing wrong with a lady who takes the lead. Share with us your examples of how you've taken the lead in your relationship.


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